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IDTA NOV 08 - results
IDTA NOV 08 - results
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icc nationals - results
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Well Done to all at Cheer Valley!!!! 13 trophies, 1 competition


Prep Level 1 cheer - honours
Peewee Level 2 cheer - honours
Junior All Girl level 3 cheer - 6th place
Junior Co-Ed Level 4 cheer - 1st place - CHAMPIONS
Senior Co-Ed Level 4 - 3rd place

Peewee Group Stunt - 2nd place
Junior All Girl Group Stunt - 4th place
Junior Co-Ed Group Stunt - 3rd place
Senior Co-Ed Group Stunt - 1st place - CHAMPIONS

Prep Solo - Amy - honours
Peewee Solo - Olivia - honours
Peewee Solo - Emma - 5th place
Junior Solo - Jordan - 4th place
Senior Solo - Rhys - 5th place
Senior Solo - Rachel - 1st place - CHAMPION

Senior Medium Dance - 2nd place
Mums Dance - 3rd place

Well Done to everyone! Im so proud of you all

Lv Coach xxxxxx

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Cheer Valley Cheerleading Squad